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“Your design is excellent.  Your documentation is excellent.  And your service is excellent.  I am impressed with what I have seen.  These small but ever so complicated spaces will really shine given the passion and care you have given to all the details.”


Group Design Manager
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Hong Kong
(Projects: The Mandarin Barber Shop and Lobby Shop)

“Overall, the space & theme come across to me as outstanding.  In the past week,

BUZ Design has done an outstanding job & shown lots of patience & cool.  Hoteliers respect one value above all others – People who walk the floor & resolve issues on site – BUZ has done just that & Eric (F&B Manager) & myself thank you for it.”

The Resident Manager
 Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok
(Project: Lord Jim’s Restaurant)

“I am very happy with the result and you have created seven superb units for us.  I hope that you will be able to see for yourself when traveling next to Europe.  Many thanks to you and your team.”


General Manager
Mandarin Oriental, Geneva
(Project: New Build Suites)

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